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Welcome to the show! "I'm No Expert" is a podcast that celebrates the love of craft beer as a beverage, an art form, and a lifestyle. Grab your earbuds, pour yourself a pint, and pull up a digital barstool; there's always room for one more at the metaphorical table.

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    Party Trick

    Summer Summer Summertime

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    Gift Exchange

    We finally have our group Gift Exchange

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    Liquor Clerk!

    Drew Beringer contributor for Chorus.fm

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    Roast a Mallow

    This week we had so many people in the studio that we had to swap out guests more then once. We try three seasonal fall beers. And finally find out who wins the Chemex!

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    Banjo Break

    We mark the end of summer with summer beers!

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    To Many Warheads

    We're back! Ashley, Chuck, Adam, Zach and Chris all squeeze around the table on this weeks show.

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    Breakfast (season 3)

    Start your year and your day off right with season 3!

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    Brunch Beers

    Joey joins me for brunch and a few surprises

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    Sunday Growlers

    It's Sunday in Indiana, that means growlers

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    Holiday Warmup

    This week we get ready for the holidays, with beer!

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    We sit outside next to a camp.....Bonfire!

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    Selling Out

    With Special Guest Phillip Hilligoss of Midwestbreweries.com

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    Fall Beers 3

    Round three of our fall beer series

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    Fall Beers 2

    Found two of our fall beer spotlight

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    Fall Round 1

    We try the first round of fall beers

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    Newlyweds and Stillwater

    This week on the store we take a look at the contemporary series by Stillwater

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    The End of the World

    We are held up in the studio bunker at the end of the world

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    Dark Side of The Moon

    This week I'm joined by Brant and Grant during a blue moon

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    Moving Show

    Sarah had to clean out her fridge

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    Evil Twin

    We highlight Evil Twin

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    Weird Beers

    Three strange beers

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    Books n Brews

    We try three beers from local brewery Books and Brews

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    Summer Brews

    We enjoy three beers great for the summer season.

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    Barley Wines

    We take a trip to France with barley wines.

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    Indy 500

    Start your engines for the special edition of I'm No Expert

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    Zach, Katie and Kristian are in the studio and we try straight bourbon whiskey.

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    Cinco de Mama

    It's Cinco de Mayo and Mothers day this week on the show.

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    A Full House

    Dane, Tricia, and Marshall are all at the studio this week

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    The Locals

    Three Indiana Local Brews

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    Sour Sour Sour

    Kristian is on this week as we try his favorite style beer, sours

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    Trappist Beers

    We try three traditional Trappist Beers

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    New Perspectives

    We take a different view as we spring forward this week.

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    Blind Taste Test

    Kristian and Joey are back in the studio, we try 4 beers blind.

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    Brotherly Love

    This week I'm joined by Grant and Drew as we sample 4 beers from my brother.  We talk about how Grant is starting to like beer.  Grant tries really hard to find the right descriptions and ratings.  And we discuss crowd funding.

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    The Super Bowl

    This week I'm trying something new.  We aren't sampling beers.  I don't have any guests.  I just give my thoughts on the Budweiser ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

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    Indy Winterfest 2015

    This we are on the show floor of Indy Winterfest 2015.  With over 100 breweries and 6,000 people it was a crazy time.  We talk with Indiana On Tap, Bee Coffee Rosters, and Bier Brewery.  As well as any beer fan that wanted to chat on the show floor.  Our 4 hour adventure is condensed to an hour of highlights below.

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    The Quad Show

    This week I'm joined by 3 other guests, Joey returns for another show joined by Joe and Leah.  With 4 people on the show we tried 4 different brews.  All Belgium styles.  We invent an odd cross over movie, and the studio decor.

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    The Grab Bag Episode

    This week I'm joined by another Chris and we sit down and have a randome selection of beers.  We talk the super bowl, home kegs and liquor store space.

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    Brewery Vivant

    Welcome to 2015!  The show is back and this week we are highlighting Brewery Vivant out of Grand Rapids Michigan.  Lori joins me on the show for the first time.  We talk taste profiles, French words, and vocal warmups.

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    The Holiday Party Show

    In this episode Joey is back and we sit down with three beers that you might take to your holiday party.  We talk about spicy beers, and wonder if you could make a beer taste like a candy bar.

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    Collaborations Show (Season 2)

    In this weeks show I'm joined by my good friend Eliza.  We try three different beers that are all collaborations.

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    The Thanksgiving Show (Season 2)

    This week my dad joins me right after Thanksgiving.  We try three beers to see if they would work well with the meal.  My Dad explains how he uses a big green egg to cook.  We also talk about how the big brewers are feeling the squeeze from the craft community.

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    The Triton Brewing Show (Season 2)

    In this week's show I traveled with Sarah to Triton Brewing.  We try a flight of their seasonal brews.  Blend some beers together and take home some growlers.  Special thanks to our server Alex who was really helpful and Triton Brewing.

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    Whiskey! (Season 2)

    This week's show I'm joined by Katie, who is a big fan of whiskey.  So we try some, three in fact and see how this crafted spirit pairs with some craft beers.  We discover something that we both really hate.  And have some interesting thoughts on beer and whiskey side by side.

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    The Spooktacular Show (Season 2)

    On this weeks special episode of I'm No Expert it's our spooktacular Halloween show!  I'm joined by Kristian and Ashley.  We try out some creepy beers, talk costumes and eat candy.

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    The 'Adjective' Show (Season 2)

    In this weeks episode I'm joined by Jasmine and what starts out as the 'adjective' show turns into the deeper talk about the beers we sampled.  We try three distinct styles and compare beers to friends and playground equipment.

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    The Sour Show 2 (Season 2)

    This week we dive yet again into the world of sours.  Joey returns for another episode and at his request we sample some sour brews.  We learn about cherry production around the world and think up an idea for an amazing elevator.  And there's a very weird final beer. 

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    The Pumpkin Show (Season 2)

    It seems early to be talking about fall weather and flavors but brewers are already releasing their seasonal pumpkin brews.  We decided to try three pumpkin beers and have three people on the show.  I'm joined by Grant and Drew from pervious episodes.

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    The Red/Amber Ale Show (Season 2)

    In this week's show I'm joined by Drew who is a big fan of red ales.  We sample a few different ales classified as red or amber in color.  Drew explains how fantasy football works.  And we discover our next home.

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    The Return of Joey (Season 2)

    Joey is back!  The famous Joey from season one is back in season two.  I sit down with him and we talk about 3 different beers based around food and drink.  Discuss awkward situations while grocery shopping.  80's music and fancy water used in dishwashers.

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    The IPA Show (Season 2)

    In this episode I'm joined by my good friend Sarah, who is a huge fan of the hoppyness flavors in IPAs.  We sample 3 different IPA brews and discuss how it's just not that hops that can make an IPA great.  

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    The Stout Show (Season 2)

    In this episode of I'm No Expert I'm joined by my friend Grant who's favorite brew is Guinness.  We talk about the finer points of widgets and sample some different stouts.  We also travel to Nine Irish Brothers in Indianapolis to compare Guinness poured by a professional.

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    The Cider Show (Season 2)

    In this the first episode of season 2, I'm joined by my friend Ashley who isn't always the biggest fan of beer, but loves hard ciders.  So this episode we try out three hard ciders.

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    Episode 6, The Joey Show

    In this show, Justin and Chris are not alone.  They bring along their friend Joey to try out three very odd beers.  Joey talks about his mini marathon experience.  And everyone smells something funny in the air.

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    Special Episode, The Pint

    In this special episode Justin and Chris are on location at The Pint, in West Lafayette.  They talk  Star Wars day and enjoy a brew.

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    Episode 5, The Sour Show

    This episode Justin and Chris have three beers from Cascade Brewing, based out of Portland.  They talk about why sours are the new 'it' beer.  And they teach us what temperature your beer should be at.

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    Episode 4, The Trappist Show

    This week Justin and Chris sample three Trappist beers,  We learn the definition of Trappist.  And how to use your nose.

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    Episode 3, The Label Show

    This week Justin and Chris find beers based only on their labels.  They talk head retention.  And Chris reveals his love for animals.

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    Episode 2, The Belgium Show

    In this episode, Justin and Chris take a trip to Belgium.  But only in their minds.  Sampling brews from, ST. STEFANUS, Troubadour and Omer Vander Ghinste.

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    Episode 1, The Fridge Show

    In our first episode Justin and Chris talk about beer in their fridges right now.  We sample beers from Magic Hat, New Belgium, and Fountain Square.  

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